Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Applying it to your own life

Today I found myself commenting on a friends status:  Allow those emotions and feelings to be what they are and give them their moment but don't let them define you, your day or your life. Well you know what I had to do next.. right? Yup, that's it... I had to go and apply that to my own day. It was a message that God allowed me to give to a friend and then hear and apply it to myself, my own life. I was also going through some old videos from last year and came upon this one. Some of you have seen it, and I have seen it a few times, but it had such a profound message that came through to me that I'd never gotten before and I was the one saying it!! It came from my own mouth, out of my heart, and something I haven't gotten before while listening to it before. So I hope it helps y'all and hopefully God will speak to you in the place where you are... BLOOMING!
:) Have a great sun shiney and blessed day!!