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Trusting God.... Psalm 28:7

Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise him
        My friends, open your hearts and open your minds and I hope that God will show you areas where you need to trust him completely as you read this entry. I know through writing it God has showed me several areas that I haven't given to Him. Together we can do it!!!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. If I were to ask you individually, most of you would say without hesitation that you trust God. Do you. However, if you are honest, you will have to admit that there are times when trusting is not so simple. The way is often perilous and hard, with no end in sight. We cannot see what lies ahead and feel helpless and alone in our struggles. God wants you to trust even when you do not understand, when the future is uncertain, when you feel like you cannot go on. God says trust Him.

Life can be tough. How you can tell when it’s going to be a rotten day:
· You wake up face down on the pavement.
· You call Suicide Prevention and they put you on hold.
· You see a "60 Minutes" news team waiting in your office.
· Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles.
· You turn on the news and they’re showing emergency routes out of the city.
· Your twin sister forgot your birthday.
· Your car horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell’s Angels on the freeway.
· Your boss tells you not to bother to take off your coat.
· The bird singing outside your window is a buzzard.
· You wake up and your braces are locked together.
· You call your answering service and they tell you it’s none of your business.
· Your income tax check bounces.
· You put both contact lenses in the same eye. – Source Unknown

I used to think that it was the easiest thing to "trust God". Just send up a prayer and wait for Him to answer it. Then when it wasn't answered I assumed it was my fault and that I didn't deserve it. Or maybe that he just didn't think I deserved my prayer. I stumbled across this verse and as I read it, concentrating on each piece of the verse, I realized I was looking at the phrase "trusting God" in totally the wrong way.
Let's break down the first part: The LORD is my strength and my shield;
Is the Lord YOUR strength and shield. Do you wake up every morning and put on the armour of God? Do you pray that he will give you strength to get through your day and allow all your steps and words to glorify Him? Do you put on the shield of the LORD? Do you understand what the shield of the Lord is?  If you look at Genesis 15:1 it says: After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: "Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.
The Lord is our shield against enemies, people who seek to do harm to us and even satan. The Lord sees every step we take and every move we make and has planned before us each step. The Lords shield protects us from walking off a cliff into the pit of the enemy. Remember when Daniel was thrown into the Lions Den and the next morning he was still in the Lions Den despite everything that was thrown at him? He was in the den walking among the lions as they bowed down to Daniel. It is safe to say that Daniel had the Lords armor and shield was around Daniel. Then the enemy may, and usually does, try to attack us but when we are armed with the Lord nothing can touch us that God doesn't allow.
Let's break down the second part: My heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.  
Does your heart trust in God? I mean really trust in Him? Do you trust Him with your life, your families life, your finances, your health, your friends.... your EVERYTHING? When you trust God in EVERY area of your life then He helps you. I sometimes think of this part of the verse backwards: He helps my heart trust in Him. It is very hard sometimes to trust God with everything and in everything we do. Especially if we've felt jaded from past experiences. It took me years and years to actually put all my trust in God. Sometimes he would lead me into the darkness and that just wasn't "cool" with me. If you're like me I need to have a plan A and B and then as a back-up I need plans C-J too. (haha) I wasn't okay with God saying "Here is plan A and I need to you walk". I was terrified of the bumps and bruises and twists and turns. I'd usually follow along, my hands glued to the wall, until the wall stopped. Then I'd turn around and back track. I'd then get upset with God at why my circumstances weren't changing. Well, it's because I wasn't trusting HIM. My heart only trusted what my heart could SEE. This is still a BIG area of struggle in my life but the darkness doesn't scare me much anymore, it is more about what waits on the other side of the darkness. Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, are comfortable in our present mess... because we've been there so long that we know what will happen. Friends I have to tell you from experience.. the comfort of KNOWING that Jesus has it all under control is much more comforting than that pit you've fallen into, or dug yourself into. The scary feeling will go away and the comfort and peace of the Lord will take hold of your soul and you will NEVER be the same. It's like a roller coaster ride. The first time your hands are shaky and sweaty, your head is telling you that your car is going to the be the one car to go flying off the track leading to your vegetative state and that you will never ever do it again... right? (or is that just MY thoughts :) You may even end up riding the whole ride with your eyes closed screaming to your friend beside you "I hate you for making me do this".... but once you are back safe on the ground... you start to think... LET'S DO THAT AGAIN! Trusting God is similar to that. He knows you're going to go kicking and screaming (oh how he must giggle at us, our arms and legs kicking and thralling, spit flying everywhere as we beg Him to just let us be) but he knows that when all the fuss is over, we realize that it wasn't so bad and we feel so safe and grounded at the end that we wanna trust Him again and again.
Looking at the last part of the verse: My heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise him. WOW!! My heart LEAPS for JOY and with MY song I PRAISE HIM!!! That's the best part of trusting the Lord, just being able to say "Thank you Daddy for saving me, for making everything turn out okay and for LOVING me through the fit I just pitched". (haha) God knows his children and what it means for us to completely let go of all the WORLDLY things that's been ingrained into us since we were a baby. We cry and we get a bottle, we cry and we get a new diaper, we cry and someone holds us. Come on.. we're born spoiled.
The Lord wants to spoil us to. He wants NOTHING more than to give us the desires of our hearts my friends. He wants nothing more than to see us happy, fulfilled and full of joy in the spirit.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and HE shall direct your path.

So my friends, I want to leave you with this:
No matter how long, how rough, how dark, how lonely the way may seem, trust God and His love for you. Remember the words of Job, ‘But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10).
 For a moment, consider the words of the song, “Follow Me”:
 I traveled down a lonely road and no one seemed to care. The burden on my weary back Had bowed me to despair; I oft’ complained to Jesus How folks were treating me, And then I heard Him say so tenderly, "My feet were also weary, Upon the Calvary road; The cross became so heavy, I fell beneath the load, Be faithful weary pilgrim the morning I can see, Just lift your cross and follow close to me."
So friends, lift your cross and follow close to God. For He knows how long the road before you is and how hard it will be. But know that He has walked that road before and as long as you cling to Him... He will lead you to the still waters.

Lots of Love,

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