Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sit at Jesus Feet tonight and let him speak to you

Sweet friends,
I feel like God wants our time together to be devoted to our time at his feet. God wants you to sit at his feet tonight and just be in His presence. Allow Him to speak to you, comfort you, carry you through and inspire you. He wants to speak a word into your life, into your Heart and into your spirit.

I pray over each of you that God's word will touch you and meet you where you are tonight. He knows what is going on in each and every one of your lives and will speak to you as much or as little as you will let Him. I encourage you to give him as much time as possible and worship Him. Pour out your heart, sing to him, worship Him.

I have Faith that God will give you all a special blessing tonight and I encourage you to just be still and listen. And if you're comfortable, leave me a message or comment and share with me and others what God blessed you with tonight!  You're ALL in my prayers, now let's go sit at His feet!!

 Lots of Love In Him,


  1. God did bless me with a dream last night. Although I forget my dreams very very quickly. But what I do remember of my dream is that my sister was asking me about salvation and she was crying. So I feel she is that much closer in asking Jesus into her heart. Love you Brook! xoxox

  2. Oh friend...that blesses my heart! I pray she will find the Lord very soon! I love you!!!